Saturday, May 29, 2010

California Dreaming

I am back in the Bay Area, this time with the love of my life (yes, that would be my husband Dave), a cat that plays fetch (called Zazu), a kitchenaid (color red), and a butter bell (my most favorite invention ever).

Our short trek (only 1day, instead of 5) began at midnight on Monday, May 24th.  We decided to drive all night, in order to make it to our new home in time to get a key--before the leasing office closed.  It was a beautiful drive; our timing was perfect...driving through the sage-brushed desert of Nevada during the darkest hours, with the sun rising over the desert mountain peaks as we made our way into Reno, and sunshine greeting us over the beautiful mountains of Tahoe that welcomed us back to California.  I had forgotten how beautiful are the rolling green hills surrounding San Francisco and the Bay Area.  God's creations are magnificent!

We arrived at our summer apartment close to 12:00 noon...very pleased with the apartment and the amenities (without prior knowledge of what we were getting ourselves into, having booked the lease via the internet).  Turns out, some of Man's creations are wonderful too.  I am confident that we will enjoy our summer here...I am looking forward to using the lap pool especially.  Here are some pics of the apartment complex, almost like a resort.

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