Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby's Best: Top Ten Most Useful Baby Items, Ages 0-6 Months

I am interested in learning about other mom's and dad's favorite baby gadgets.  Mine are as follows.  What are yours?

Couple my love of good design with a financially wise husband and you get a list of the top ten most useful baby items, according to the Woods.  I like to have only the basic essentials around, rather than numerous fancy gizmos and gadgets that don't see a lot of use.  Are these products absolutely necessary?  No; babies don't 'need' a lot besides loving parents and food--but I do use these products on a daily basis.  Are these products the least expensive?  Most likely not; but they are a good value.

Baby's Best #1: Puj Tub
I highly recommend the Puj Tub to all my friends.  It takes up zero space for storage; I need only one hand to pick it up and put it away with zero clean up time; it functions in my tiny, counterless bathroom; I don't have to bend over and injure my back; and Baby loves it.  Price $40.  Made by Puj.

Baby's Best #2:  Moby Wrap
The Moby Wrap distributes weight on my shoulders and back better than any carrier I have tried.  It's easy to transport, easy to clean, keeps Baby close and comfortable, and has the option for either inward or outward facing baby.  I use my moby while doing chores around the house, shopping, traveling, for walks and hikes.  Price $45.  Made by Moby.

Baby's Best #3:  Diaper Caddy
I was introduced to this diaper caddy by my cousins.  It's great because it keeps diapers, wipes, ointments, and changing pad all in one compact location.  It also transports super easy.  Love it.  Price $30.  Made by JJ Cole Collections.

Baby's Best #4:  Microfleece Sleep Bag
A sleep bag keeps Baby's toes warm and also eliminates the snapping guess work out of a middle-of-the-night diaper change.  I like microfleece because it's soft and cuddly.  Price $8.  Made by Carter's.

Baby's Best #5:  Binky Clip
A binky clip is indispensable if you want an easily accessible, clean binky.  Price Varies.  This one is homemade by my sister.

Baby's Best #6:  Emery Boards
I found baby nail clippers to be intimidating, always worrying about whether or not I would also clip Baby's skin.  These little emery boards do the job without injuring Baby.  Price $2.  Made by Safety 1st.

Baby's Best #7:  Finger Toothbrush
The finger toothbrush gives me the control I want without worrying about choking the baby.  I first used it to remove milk from Baby's tongue and now use it to clean Baby's teeth.  Price $2.  Made by Summer.

Baby's Best #8:  Crib Mobile
I didn't get a crib mobile until Baby was over three months old.  I wish I had had it since birth.  It makes naptime easier for both Mommy and Baby, giving Baby self-soothing amusement before putting herself to sleep.  Price varies.  Mine is homemade by my sister and I.

Baby's Best #9:  Lightweight Waffle Weave Swaddling Blankets
These lightweight waffle-weave swaddling blankets are nice to have.  The lightweight natural cotton muslin is breathable--prime for use year round; the waffle weave is flexible, enabling a tight swaddle around Baby; and the blanket dimensions are generous enough to accommodate a rapidly growing baby.  Price (4 pack) $35.  Made by Aden + Anais.

Baby's Best #10:  Baby Bee Shampoo + Wash 
I'm a fan of the all-in-one shampoo + body wash for Baby.  I value the natural ingredients and who doesn't want a baby that smells like honey and coconut...yummm.  Price $9.  Made by Burt's Bees.

That's my list.  Now it's your turn!


  1. mu'taz, palestineJanuary 14, 2012 at 1:22 AM

    i am happy for you
    enjoy with hazel

  2. I feel all "caught up" now with "baby bests"! I can see the value in the puj, looks like the material would also stop baby from slipping. My nephew had a "tubby" and his momma loved it. The tooth brush is so smart! Loved this post.

  3. My favorite item is a food grinder. Once they are eating food, so much of it is too big for them. We had a hand food grinder and the children ate what we ate. I saw one in the store the other day and I think I will be getting it to have here for the grandchildren.

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