Thursday, June 17, 2010

Snapshot #16: Beached Seal

June 16, 2010.  Santa Cruz, California.  Last night Dave and I drove to Santa Cruz for a walk along the beach at sunset...we didn't find the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean (turns out the Santa Cruz boardwalk is a south-facing cove)...but we did discover this beached seal.  

There was an enthusiastic family that determined it was their role to save the seal's life by getting it back into the ocean.  They proceeded with pouring buckets of water onto the seal's back and cheering it along until it was once again in the water.

Part of me wonders if the seal wasn't thinking, "Run, run away from the crazy loons!  Stop pouring water on me!  Gosh, can't a seal take a nap around here?"


  1. They look so sad until you get close enough they can take a chomp out of your leg.

  2. I think you're probably right. Poor seal was just chillin on the beach!


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