Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dave Snapshot #61: An Hour with Kris Snow

Kristine A. Snow
President, Cisco Capital
Kristine (Kris) A. Snow is President of Cisco Capital and leads the company's global captive finance company, which includes lease and loan products, Channel Financing, and Remarketing. Snow balances sales enablement for Cisco with overall lease and loan portfolio risk to drive profitability for Cisco Capital.

August 4, 2010. Dave: Kris Snow's Office, San Jose, California.  I was able to spend an hour with one of Cisco's SVP's in a delightful conversation. She was engaging, thought-provoking and sincere in her interest of one of the company's interns. I got some excellent career advice, book recommendations and some ideas for future Finance Rotations if I get the job. I was ultimately energized, motivated and impressed. Bravo!

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