Friday, July 19, 2013

Snapshot #856: Big Springs Campground

July 19, 2013.  Big Springs Campground, Caribou National Forest, Idaho.  Things to remember from this week's camping excursion: Nature walk to the Big Springs Fountain Head and discovery of a very large beaver house; Laughing with my brothers who jumped into the FREEZING cold Big Springs Pond; Delicious S'mores;  my father's invention of the game Rock Soup (if you ever get bored at a campsite, just ask.  It will entertain competitive people for hours!); my parent's camp-kitchen and shower tent (they've turned into serious campers!); sleeping very uncomfortably on a phantom mound that looked flat before and after the tent was pitched; Baby Dax's crying fit that lasted until 3AM (due to a torn ear) and his Resilient Parents; and Nelson's story"Hey, Whatcha Doing Up There?!!"  I love you guys!  It was so fun spending a long weekend camping together, unplugged. 

1 comment:

  1. I so would have liked to be there with you all. I miss my family. I usually keep too busy to get homesick, but I'm all teary-eyed now.


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