Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Recipe Diaries: Millions of Peaches, Peaches for Free

Ok, so maybe not millions of peaches, but definitely peaches for free. My adorable and supportive husband spent his entire Saturday afternoon on a ladder, picking all of the peaches from Grandma MariLou's Garden. He was the sole peach picker, because I had abandoned him for a weekend excursion to Idaho (to finish crafting a solid wood headboard in my Dad's shop-of which I will post pictures, later on this week) and his father had also abandoned him (and Grandma for that matter) for an important excursion to Phoenix in celebration of another grandparent's 60th wedding anniversay. Despite my abandonment, Grandma MariLou still gifted us a large bag of home grown peaches. yum, yum.

I found this the perfect opportunity to put some of Mom's Life Lessons into practice, and to Can Peaches on my own for the first time.

First, I scrubbed the peaches clean. Then, on the stove, I started the creation of a honey-water syrup (instead of sugar, because I'm trying to get away from refined sugars)

Blanched the Peaches

Poured them into an Ice-Water Bath

Peeled, then Sliced the Peaches

Poured my Honey Syrup Creation into the Jars

Added the Sliced Peaches

Boiled them in the Hot Water Bath for 40 Minutes

And now have some delicious, home-canned peaches for the winter months ahead.

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  1. mmm.. they look delicious! I'm impressed. I can't find canning equipment here. but I'm sure if I was more diligent, I'd still find a way to do some canning :)


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