Monday, August 12, 2013

Snapshot #875: Design Inspiration

August 12, 2013.  San Jose, California.  This little guy has inspired the new bedding concept for Hazel's bedroom.  (This is only happening because I've decided I want to potty train her before she's 2-1/2.  My goal is to fully transition her into a big-girl bed before potty training starts so that--ideally--she'll be able to get herself up out of bed to go.)  We're going straight to a twin-sized bed from the crib and I plan to use a body pillow to hinder falls.  The bed doesn't have a box spring, just something called a platform, so it's lower to the ground.  We currently have no bedding for that size a mattress so I'm in the process of figuring out what colors to purchase, etc.  I have a neutral envelope in the nursery, so changing the bedding colors changes the entire look of the room.  Mr. Owl has convinced me to transition to yellow rather than continue the pink theme.

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