Monday, August 26, 2013

Snapshot #887: Big Girl Bed

August 26, 2013.  San Jose, California.  It's been a week now since Hazel transitioned into a twin-size bed from the crib.  Thus far, it's been an easier transition than I anticipated.  The first 3-4 days she went down without a second thought; like she didn't yet realize that getting up was a possibility.  By now she's figured out that she can get up and read books, etc. but she eventually goes down.  Personally, I love the twin bed.  I love that she can get herself up.  I love that I can sit at the end of her bed.  I love that we can snuggle and read books together.  I love that I can lean over and kiss her on the forehead.  And the body pillow tucked under the fitted sheet has done it's job to protect her from falls.

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