Friday, October 25, 2013

Exploring California: Snapshot #932: CuriOdyssey

October 25, 2013.  San Mateo, California.  I have been wanting to check out CuriOdyssey for months now.  It's a miniature zoo and hands-on science exploration center for kids.  I thought we would spend most our time looking at animals.  Turns out, they have less than a dozen animals and half of them were missing or the exhibits were down.  Hazel did enjoy the hands-on science center though.  She spent most her time at a building blocks exhibit.  My favorite part was the walk we took on the grounds afterward.  The vista from the bluff overlooking the bay was incredible!  We sat down for a while and watched a steady stream of airplanes fly over us and land at SFO.  Then we walked through a Eucalyptus Grove down to some docks along the marina.  

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