Thursday, October 31, 2013

Snapshot #937: First Time Trick-or-Treating

October 31, 2013.  San Jose, California.  Here's the copy of a chat with my sister late night after taking Hazel trick-or-treating for the first time:

Shelli:  Where are pics of Hazel in her costume?
Keri:  Didn't really get any.
Shelli:  What?  Bad night?
Keri:  Too busy.  No real good ones.  Here you go...
Shelli:  Uh, cutest pictures ever!!!
Keri:  They give a good feel for the night.  My fave is the one with them standing in front of a closed door and Dave is bending over giving instructions.  Call it: The Anticipation.
Shelli:  I can't wait to hear about it! I love that Dave dressed up! What an awesome Dad!!!!
Ok, I am giving out candy next year! Soooo cute! Did Hazel like it?
Keri:  Yes.  It was hard to get her to walk.  She wanted to be carried.  Some of the houses were scary.  But she kept asking for "Mas Candy."
She probably walked half of it.  We were out for 1 hour.  Just went down our block and one block over and a couple houses at the ends of the block.  Weird to be able to just walk out our door and knock on all our neighbors doors.  We don't know each other that way...
When we got home Hazel wouldn't let go of her bucket (she calls it a "buckey")
Shelli:  So cute!!!  Did most people have their lights on?
Keri:  No.  Maybe 1/4 to 1/3 lights on.
Shelli:  I love her wings! Did she like getting dressed up?
Keri:  The wings kind of annoyed her after a while.
Shelli:  Did u dress up?
Keri:  I dressed in my pirate costume.  So we had a butterfly and Robin Hood and a pirate, as some thought.  Or Peter Pan with Tinker Bell and Hook.
She went trunk or treating last Sat night at church and came home with candy in her bucket that she's been eating all week.  Last night there was only a couple left and Dave and I ate them (knowing she'd get more today). She cried today when she saw her bucket was empty.
Shelli:  She cried? You big meanies! :)
Keri:  That's how I felt!  Haha

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