Monday, January 20, 2014

Adorable, Adoptable Family...Pass It On!

Dear Friends & Family,

Just over two years ago the courage and strength of one woman changed our lives forever.  In 2011, through the gift of adoption, we brought into our lives and our hearts a precious baby girl.  We love being parents and are actively seeking a new little baby to join our family.

More than half of successful adoptions originate through a friend of a friend.  As our friend, we would like to ask you to forward this message to your friends and family.  If you know of anyone whose life may also benefit from the gift of adoption, please give them an opportunity to get to know us.  Snapshots from our daily life may be seen at
We may be reached via email at

This is our prayer that a  sweet little baby will make his/her way into our home.


David, Keri, and Hazel Wood

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