Friday, January 10, 2014

Snapshot #997: Puzzles

January 10, 2014.  San Jose, California.  Ever since we downloaded TozzleHD--an iPad app featuring varying styles and skill levels of puzzles--Hazel can't get enough of puzzles, including traditional ones.  I tried on several occasions to sit down with Hazel and get her interested in putting together this Winnie the Pooh puzzle, but with little success; concluding that it was too complicated for her 2-year-old mind.  Now that a simple puzzle app (and some of her Dad's patience) has sparked her interest (and given her success on smaller puzzles) she's interested in attempting this larger puzzle too.  I place the pieces face up on this floor mat and she can successfully pull out all the pieces belonging to one particular character.  Once I get two pieces put together (per character) she can stumble through the rest.  And when there's about five pieces left to the entire puzzle, she can figure those out too...with a little encouragement.

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