Friday, May 8, 2015

Snapshot #1198: Big Sister

May 8, 2015.  Camas, Washington.  Hazel received the book, "I'm a Big Sister" (by Ronne Randall) from one of the girls in her dance class...and she and I LOVE it!  We read the book at least once every day.  It's really motivated her to want to be helpful and do big girl things--rather than be jealous when the baby gets to use all her old things.  She's also become more tolerant to the 'noise' a baby brings to our home.  In the hospital, every time Emily cried Hazel covered her ears and made a face.  And then the first time in the car together Hazel looked at me with great apprehension and said, "But it's going to be noisy back here."  Hahaha.  She's made great progress.

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